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Kits & More
Learn more about our pond kits!
At Leland’s Lawn and Landscaping of Liberty, IL, we sell Happy Koi, Savoi and other pond kits. Call us for details on our full line of products.

Happy Koi Mini Pond Kit- 4' x 6'

The Happy Koi Mini Pond Kits include:

• Atlantic BF1000 Filterfalls • 20' x 1.5" Spiral Tubing
• Atlantic PS4000 Pond Skimmer • Check Valve, Fittings & Hose Clamps
• Alpine 1500 GPH Hurricane Pump • Water Conditioner, Start-up & Clean-up Pond Bacteria
• 8' x 10' Firestone EPDM Pond Liner • Waterfall
• 8' x 10' Pond Liner Underlay • Written Instructions
Call us at (217) 740-5819 for our entire line.